Emergency Vehicle Operators Course (EVOC) - Ambulance. The National Standard Curriculum has three modules.

Module A is about 8 hours of classroom.
Module B teaches the basic driving skills.
Module C is on-the-job training requiring each participant to perform several specific activities in an operational mode with an EMS organization. Click for More

EVOC Train the Trainer Course. This 20 hour course qualifies personnel to conduct operator level EVOC.  The course uses the US Department of Transportation National Standard Curriculum for Ambulance Operators and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, National Fire Protection Association Standards 1002 and 1451 for fire departments. Click for More

AITS Medical Van Operator Instructor Course. Contains lessons with PowerPoint visuals and several videos that demonstrate how to correctly use of a variety of lifts and safely secure wheelchairs in the vehicle. This course includes operating various Para-Transit type vehicles and a proficiency test that becomes the training record. Click for More

EVOC Refresher Course.  8-hour course brings personnel up to an established standard of knowledge for operating emergency vehicles. Course includes a review of SOPs, vehicle operational characteristics, legal aspects, and standards recommended by the International Assn. of Fire Chiefs & other federal agencies. Course includes 4-hour skills and evaluation time on the driving range. Click for More