The Refresher Course is a one-day course for those who have an EVOC International Trainer Registry number that is expiring and personnel who attended an AITS Train the Trainer course before 2007 and did not get enrolled in the AITS National Trainer Registry.

Participants will receive the latest version of the AITS Training Resources and other useful materials on a flash drive and/or printed documents organized in a 3-ring binder.

Typically, the morning session is devoted to classroom activities and the afternoon is spent on the driving range. All participants operate both an ambulance and fire apparatus.

Personnel completing the course will be registered or have their certification renewed in the AITS EVOC International Trainer Registry.

The cost for this one day course is $225.00.  For more information contact Billy Rutherford at 703.440.0914 or

Classroom , USAF Fire and Emergency Services
Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, CO