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T3 Refresher for our certified instructors is required every 2 years following your EVOC T3 certification to remain in 'good standing' in our EVOC International Trainer Registry (R). The Refresher became mandatory in 2023 based on recommendations found in the US DOT''s National Standard Curriculum for Ambulance and NFPA materials, with which our training complies. Additionally, it became necessary due to requirements being made by various insurance providers and certain accreditation agencies, which are increasingly requiring a refresher element in order to recognize ANY EVOC Instructor Certification, including the AITS, Inc. EVOC Train the Trainer (T3) Course.

The AITS T3 Refresher Course is an 8-hour, one-day course for certified AITS EVOC T3 participants to prevent their EVOC International Trainer Registry numbers and good standing from expiring. Personnel who attended an AITS Train the Trainer course before 2007 (when the registry was begun) and did not get enrolled in the AITS National Trainer Registry are also allowed to participate.

Refresher participants will receive the latest version of the AITS, Inc. EVOC T3 Training materials, as well as updated Supplemental Resources on a USB drive, and an EVOC Instructor vest.

This course includes a 4-hour classroom session reviewing critical elements of the EVOC T3 materials; discussing relevant industry changes and the instructors' experiences delivering the EVOC course; and up to 4 hours on the driving range demonstrating proficiency as an instructor setting up and executing selected EVOC driving course exercises. Unless otherwise stated, all participants will operate both an ambulance and fire apparatus.

Successful participants will automatically have their T3 certification extended in the AITS EVOC International Trainer Registry (R).

The cost for this one day course is $275.00.  ($50 OFF with early registraton. See below.)
For more information contact Eric Rutherford at AITS at 843.251.1010 or

* $50 OFF DETAILS: Each course will have an early registration deadline in the announcement. All participants fully registered and paid in full at the regular rate before the end of the early registration deadline date will automatically get a $50 credit back to their credit card, or may submit payment in the amount of $225.00 instead of $275.00.

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