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Hosting an EVOC T3 Course
Host agencies are eligible for a free seat in the course ($645 value)* and save hundreds in travel expenses!
For 30 years AITS has partnered successfully with local Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, and US Military agencies to deliver our 20-Hour Emergency Vehicle Operator Course Train-the-Trainer (EVOC T3) and 8-Hour T3 Refresher courses.

AITS provides the instructors and all materials needed for participants to become certified to deliver the driver/operator-level EVOC class in-house or to others. AITS handles all of the participant payment and registration administration. AITS covers all of the instructors travel expenses to come to your agency. All AITS instructors are experienced Fire, EMS, and/or Law Enforcement professionals trained to deliver the instructor certification course. Most have also served in the United States military.

Our host agencies provide the classroom(s), driving area/cones, and vehicles to be operated on a the closed course at slow speeds only, under our instructors careful supervision. (Typical courses require (1) fire apparatus and (1) ambulance. Vehicle do not need to be stocked/in service. Types may vary based on needs. If you cannot provide 2 types other participating agencies can often help.

AITS courses draw regionally from neighboring cities, counties, and states. AITS relies on hosts to help promote the courses internally and to surrounding Fire, EMS, LEO, and Military agencies and training contacts.

With 30 years of experience, there are not many circumstances AITS has not encountered, or challenges we have not been able to hel0p resolve. If you are interested but concerned about meeting the hosting requirements or have more questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us to discuss options.

* Hosts are eligible for one free seat once the minium of 12 paying participants has been met.





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