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January 6, 2022, AITS, Inc.

Springfield, Va. – American Integrated Training Systems, Inc. (AITS) is saddened to announce the death on Friday, December 3, 2021 of Billy E. Rutherford, President of AITS, the training and development company he founded in 1994. A memorial service took place in Virginia on December 10, 2021. Interment with escort and full military honors will be held at Arlington National Cemetery at a future date.

Updated:  On January 22, 2022, just weeks after Billy's death, the Rutherford family and AITS, Inc. also lost Joyce Rutherford, Billy's wife of 68 years and the family matriarch. A memorial for Joyce was conducted February 5, 2022 and their remains were laid to rest together at a subsequent interment ceremony with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery on June 2, 2023.

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A message from Eric Rutherford
President of AITS

On behalf of our family and AITS, I would like to remember and acknowledge the influence my dad, Billy Rutherford, had on his family, this company, the EMS industry and communities AITS serves; and, his contributions and commitment to the instructors, colleagues, and customers with whom he worked that he so enjoyed, admired, and respected.

He was an integral part of the team who originally developed the Emergency Vehicle Operators Course (EVOC) materials for DOT in 1994, in which AITS specializes, and his legacy and admonitions to always ‘be professional’ and to ‘arrive alive and do no harm’ will live on.


Moving Forward

Alert and aware of his age and condition at 90 years old, Billy Rutherford transferred the daily operations of AITS in 2021 prior to his passing to AITS Vice President Eric Rutherford to ensure the company was prepared to continue in his absence.

With Billy's blessings and endorsement, Eric Rutherford, who has worked with the company as a Course Coordinator, Instructor, then Senior Instructor, Course Director, and eventually Vice President has assumed the role of President.

Eric will work alongside the outstanding and experienced instructors that have been leading courses with AITS for years, while continuing to develop new instructors and materials to maintain AITS, Inc.'s status as the leader in EVOC instructor training.

Other than a few enhancements to our online resources, such as creating an AITS email notification system, enabling online registration, and enhancing the web site experience; and, updating some of the original course materials, which was already in the works, there are no plans to disrupt the existing, effective operation or management of the company.

At AITS, we look forward to continuing to provide EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement, and Military professionals the most comprehensive and best EVOC Train the Trainer (T3) course in the industry.

For more information, please contact:

Eric Rutherford
President, AITS
(843) 251-1010


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