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The AITS 20- hour course will qualify instructors to present operator-level EVOC classes. AITS delivers the classroom portion of Emergency Vehicle Operators Course training and provides instruction on establishing a driving range. and demonstrating, teaching, and evaluating the practical driving exercises. Each participant will get behind the wheel and act as a student and coach for ambulance and fire apparatus driving exercises. (Vehicles subject to vary based on course emphasis and hosting agency type.)

Participants will deliver a practice presentation, be evaluated, and receive feedback on both areas for improvement and existing strenghts from their peers (fellow participants) and our skilled instructors. Successful participants will be awarded a certificate of completion.

Participants also receive a USB drive containing the complete EVOC Instructor Guide, Participant Manual and all Power Point visuals, and a number of other useful references.

Each participant will have the opportunity to practice editing the Instructor Guide to include local and state rules and regulations. The edited version can then be printed and reproduced to meet your organizational training needs.


AITS founder, Billy Rutherford, was the technical manager and US DOT liaison for the development of the National Standard Curriculum. Billy conducted numerous T3 courses. He managed the development of over 400 hours of pre-hospital care multimedia and Internet training. All of our AITS instructors have a wealth experience in both emergency services and as classroom presenters and field trainers.

Since 1994 
AITS has traveled the country offering regional courses in cooperation with host departments and organizations. Here are just some of the area locations and organizations that have participated with our Train the Trainer (T3) Courses: Phoenix Fire Department; Tucson Fire Department; Austin, Texas EMS; Phoenix College; Rural Metro/Southwest Ambulance, PMT Ambulance, Tempe; The Fire District of Sun City West; River Medical; Sierra Vista Fire Department; St. Johns Emergency Services; Lifeline Ambulance, Prescott, AZ; Ton to Basin Fire District and Sun Lakes Fire Department.

Enrollment Information
The cost for each participant including all course materials is $645.00. (Get $50 off with early registration* and host organizations may be eligible one free participant.) Interested individuals and organizations should contact Eric Rutherford at AITS at 843.251.1010 or Payment may be made by business check or major credit card. Each course is limited to between 12-24 participants.

Course Training Dates EVOC - "T3" Train-the-Trainer
ITS is continually developing our schedule.  Once the dates are posted on the Course Schedule page of this Web site, the course is officially scheduled and open for registration. Courses shown for the U.S. Coast Guard and other military departments are often also open to the public.

Hosting Courses
In addition to saving the cost of travel and lodging for your personnel, special consideration may be available to your organization if you choose to partner with AITS as one of our host facilities. If you are interested in sponsoring a course, or for more information, contact Eric Rutherford at AITS at 843.251.1010 or

Train the Trainer (T3) Course Materials
American Integrated Training Systems, Inc (AITS, Inc.) Resource Materials, Train the Trainer (T3) Course USB drive. (Revised)

American Integrated Training Systems, Inc. has revised the Training Resources Materials used to support the Emergency Vehicle Operator training course. This material is copyrighted by American Integrated Training Systems, Inc. (AITS). The revised edition contains the following materials:

1. US Department of Transportation (DOT) Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC): (Ambulance) National Standard Curriculum, Instructor Guide in Microsoft Word.  The Instructor Guide is designed to be edited for local use.  Once edited the document may be reproduced to support local training.

2. Enhanced PowerPoint Visuals with and without Instructor Tips for each lesson in the Instructor Guide, PowerPoint visuals: Decontamination of an Ambulance.  (This presentation was developed by Orlando Alcordo, Clinical Services Manager, PMT Ambulance Company, Mesa, Arizona.)

3. US DOT, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Guide for Interfacility Patient Transfer.

4. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) FA-197 : Developing Effective Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Fire and EMS Departments.

5.  US Department of Transportation Guidelines for Educating EMS Educators.

6. US General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Specification for the Star-of-Life Ambulance, KKK-A-1822F.

7. FEMA FA- 336 Emergency Vehicle Safety Initiative, 2014.

8. FEMA FA-330 USFA Traffic Incident Management Systems.

9. USDOT Traffic Incident Management Handbook

10.  EVOC Certificate of Completion form. This certificate may be used only by those trainers/instructors who have completed the AITS, Inc.  EVOC Train the Trainer Course.  The AITS, Inc. qualified trainers must have conducted the EVOC operator level course using the US DOT National Standard Curriculum (NSC) and the National Fire Protection Association NFPA 1002 for fire apparatus.  Training must include the classroom and vehicle operation exercises. 

Send any comments or recommendations for documents to be included in these materials to:
Eric Rutherford at AITS at 843.251.1010 or

All Materials on USB Flash Drive (1 drive provided per participant. Additional/replacement drives are available to AITS-certified instructors.)

Paper-based manuals are also available in a 3-ring binder with tabs for each module, lesson and appendixes.
Instructor Guide-$85.00 (plus shipping), Participant Manual-$65.00 (plus shipping).

* $50 OFF DETAILS: Each course will have an early registration deadline in the announcement. All participants fully registered and paid in full at the regular rate before the end of the early registration deadline date will automatically get a $50 credit back to their credit card, or may submit payment in the amount of $595.00 instead of $645.00.

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