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American Integrated Training Systems, Inc. (AITS) is the leader in Emergency Vehicle Operator Course Train the Trainer (EVOC T3) for EVOC Instructor Certification

AITS, Inc. personnel helped develop the Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC) and Train the Trainer courses for DOT in 1994 and have been conducting them ever since. Our 20-hour course qualifies your participants to conduct operator level EVOC to your personnel.

The AITS, Inc. course uses the US Department of Transportation EVOC National Standard Curriculum for Ambulance Operators and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, National Fire Protection Association Standards 1002 and 1451 for fire departments. The emergency vehicle operator principles contained in our courses were originally developed for ambulance and later expanded for fire service; but are also applicable and useful to law enforcement, military, rescue, and medical transportation organizations.

EVOC instructor training for Fire Departments
EVOC Instructor training for EMS Ambulance
EVOC Instructor training for Law Enforcement (Police and Security)
EVOC Instructor training for US Miitary and Government Agencies
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