The United States Department of Transportation (DOT), National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) is responsible for developing and making available Emergency Medical Services Training courses. NHTSA revised the Emergency Vehicle Operators Course (Ambulance) National Standard Curriculum in 1994.

A Curriculum Development Group, representing five major EMS organizations, was responsible for the development of this new curriculum and the Train-The-Trainer (T3) Course. Mr. Billy Rutherford, of American Integrated Training Systems, successfully led this development effort.

The National Standard Curriculum has three modules.

Module A is about 8 hours of classroom instruction (depending on organization's state and needs). Module A covers the basic knowledge required for ambulance operators including: the legal aspects of ambulance communication, ambulance types, safety considerations and so forth. In addition, the appendices also contain a wealth of additional information plus samples of various forms, transparencies, checklists and test questions.

Module B teaches the basic driving skills and uses the performance-oriented training concept. With this concept, the instructor explains the task to be performed and the performance standard to each participant, demonstrates how to perform the task, and coaches the participant during practice. After allowing participants to practice, the instructor administers the performance test using a Go/NoGo scoring system. The number of hours for module B varies based on the number of driving exercises and each participants ability.

Module C is on-the-job training requiring each participant to perform several specific activities in an operational mode with an EMS organization. This is a very important part of the training to ensure that a participant can perform on the job. Organizations will establish the criteria for successful completion of the module.

The National Standard Curriculum emphasizes safe operations... obey the speed limit... clear all controlled intersections... communicate clearly and continue to improve your skills. There is tremendous potential for this course to immediately improve organizational safety records when implemented by qualified instructors and supported by a management philosophy of safe operations.


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